50 years 

It’s all so overwhelming  The way  Things unfold  Or more like bludgeon  You with immediate fight, flight or collapse options depending on the state of trauma you’re stuck in at This particular moment  When your erased self  Merges with the uncontrollable tears  he warned about         It was as if the universe could […]

And here we are again

Lost in a paradigm of things Instances beleaguered  Things fall apart Never to be gathered again Left to rot In the burning day  Plato thought nature but a spume that plays Upon a ghostly paradigm of things; -William Butler Yeats Among School Children      


When I was fortunate to study with the Hawaiian Kahuna Abraham, who happened to live one road over from my home on Kaokolo Place, he gave us five states of being to work on in life which were awareness, presence, alignment, magnitude and I always forget the fifth one. Umberto Eco wrote: You must not […]

Through lines 

Look at how the chaos comes together  only stepping back from the drawing  made of lines of sketches  can you see the monster  guiding the hand of the drawer, The one who draws to avoid having to use words. Words have failed me. They are not the truth. I was not allowed to speak the […]