The again

Beginnings that never end

You could end up planning to attend a social event, only to back out at the last moment. 

Ah but I jadedly made it I did 

There was someone sadder than you 

You currently crave the excitement that goes along with rubbing elbows with new and different people, 

you won’t even have a chance to do so if you’re at home sitting on the sofa. Forget about all the logical reasons to turn down an invitation today; just…

Do it 

Ode to the 21 year old always bumming smokes 

You can’t wait Til you’re the only one talking
Yet you’ve got nothing to say

Because you have yet to really live 

Go In silence 

And listen to the world

Seek your own truth

You will need to know it 

in the times ahead 

There is nothing like failure 

to keep reminding you of

the lateral disappointment 

of the many in-between


Just in case 

Oh why not

How could you?

Who am I?

Who do I act like I am, who do I think I am? Who knows. I don’t generally think about that. I think about all the things I could have done had things not gone so horribly awry, repeatedly, on a regular basis, so that the one truth I hold to be self-evident is it can always get worse…



  • There are no rules to suffering.
  • Then, by default, there is no God to ameliorate that pain.