Rings a bell

that rings a bell But then the bell never went off Shed forget  Back TO being a stranger  Recluse  Agorophobic station wagon collapse  off the ever-resolate I-05 We all gotta go sometime. That hardly provided any comfort, like an expiration date, what exactly is it preventing? Equally maleficent, the warning label, the disclaimer, the we might… Read More Rings a bell

First end 

Game’s end  Almost Neared  We headed Out  Ample proof  Just happenstance  fluctuating  circumventing  Our distance  Threshold You soar ~across the sky  to look me  In the eye  Ikeep saying you want  petrified  like Wood Scared  Stiff  Still  life  With woodpecker  A fly  Or Fad Gadfly  On the  Prowl  muse of song  mystic maker