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time space continuum rip currents

According to The Guardian: “The signal is rumored to have been found by a specialized telescope called Bicep (Background Imaging of Cosmic Extragalactic Polarization) at the south pole.”

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Earthquake Country.[5]

Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 3.04.20 AMWell in spite of all you gained you still had to stand out in the pouring rain
One last voice is calling you and I guess it’s time you go

Well shake it up now Sugaree, I’ll meet you at the jubilee
And if that jubilee fall through, maybe I’ll meet you on the run

Lyrically, this song has many literary references, including Lewis Carroll‘s Alice in Wonderland, George Herriman‘s Krazy Kat, and Dame Edith Sitwell‘s “Polka“.[1]


POV Boat Bow 1

POV Boat Bow 1

First reasonable click thru photos without awful scrolling chaos created by apple to remind us that they are developing a human hand attachable mouse DNA upgrade

This is pulling into dock at Fiskenæsset Village which always seemed to be sharply sunny.

The circus is in town

And the riot squad
They’re restless
They need somewhere to go

Everything seems to be a soundtrack for a particularly unbearable existence – the key is not to let it get you too much

Tarmac between here and Greenland

Transit options


Are killing me


AS in the way to Culver City requires 23 stops and takes an hour, all-told, should have a second option that is not over an hour by going surface streets — ecotransit is a dream here, something that actually worked in a city that is current in most every other way–the ‘city’ matches the idea of itself. LA is supposed to be ahead of the curve with consciousness yet we are addicted to driving everywhere and the culture here actually shames you for not having a Mercedes to climb into and worry about how your freelance career is going to pay for all the external reinforcements you need in this town.

The train is a step but you get dropped off in an arid no-man’s land on La Cienega, again where the car is king. You don’t want to be there, in fact, you’d rather be in bum-fuck nowhere hitchhiking in the desert than on the street corner of an L.A. street with no sidewalks.

This gives me the idea for a cartoon. I think I want to retire from reality tv after Greenland will be brutal on this out-of-shape body and cannot-be-prepared-enough brain. I thought one day this week for the first time ever that maybe I didn’t want to do ‘this’ anymore–this adventure making story telling struggle that is never right and always has big time disappointments (as a creative satisfaction and by golly the money isn’t good enough for someone at my ‘level’– too much nefarious activity for me. What the hell is the virtual replacement coz life ain’t free.

Off to the top of the world in only ten days and woefully unprepared on every level.

Dear “Dairy” (nod to comedy schtick)


daily scrub
I don’t know what this is but it seems urban form here

Seeing if this works. I wanted to upload (or sideload, as it occurred, visually, to me) a photograph and half-write with it about how I am feeling on the other side of what could be categorized as a mild case of the 19th nervocie

Pearlene is a great find ‘watch the way they approach you with caution / they’ve done some talking on their own’

I felt weird, I felt like I was connected with people more than I should be given my state of mind (a bear who didn’t get to hibernate this winter–so therefore in desperate need of resting and not going out of the cave. Eletro Astro Creep Head.

Still gotta work out the feng shui and the side-bending of photos.

White Zombie changing my ability to type.