The Truth About Me


keep standingI am interested in creative collaboration.

I am a producer, director and writer in the format of unscripted television.

I am particularly adept, gifted in fact, at telling the stories no one else can or will.

I deal with difficult people (see Omarosa).

I deal with rockstars (Harrison Ford, Robert DeNiro, Angelina Jolie).

I deal with adversity (the apocalypse).

I deal with smart people, crazy people, big crews, inexperienced rookies and amazingly talented people all the time to always deliver the highest possible quality product, on time and under budget (not always ‘under,’ but I do try).

I am also a published writer, I have written grants for non-profits for a living and have worked as a conflict resolution mediator/facilitator for the State of Hawaii, Department of Justice. If you need a proofreader, ghostwriter or quick turnaround copywriter, my goal is to procure more writing contracts as I progress through the next stage of my career.

I love being outside and thrive on adversity, but not too much adversity, as in I don’t want to be out of work for too long. My script blog where I am working out ideas is imuafilm on wordpress. My various brands include:

imua! and imuafilm for the meaning of the Hawaiian word “FORWARD!” which we would chant while paddling in outrigger canoe races (it actually works)

–lab247 and LAB 24/7 for the concept of a creative experiment that is always open

– for the notion of a creative ‘safe house’ for the Muses (the pre-Christian patron saints of the arts in Greek mythology) when and if they need it and refers to a LiquidSpace I am working to create for television professionals and the creator of Mad Men and Ridley Scott.



Links to my credits, CVs, writing canon:


My partial television credits include:
The Apprentice, seasons 1-5 producer, 19 million viewers, episode 1. The Amazing Race, season 3,  series’ first Emmy: 311, Vietnam. The Colony, Model Latina, Bar Rescue, American Hoggers, and, currently, Ice Cold Gold, a mining show set in Greenland.

somewhere near the fjord


paradise for the mind

it’s alright ma