#Was it truly 

after all

A little chilly 

before the thaw 

  • She called 
  • He answered

This was 



the way 

it was 

As you were 

far away 

by the tine 

We showed up

Interactive narrative toss send off story 

A girl and a boy


The poem 

a prelude 

mྂoྂrྂeྂ from Ojai, oh!

Then, shots were fired…

Four dead in Ohio

Matthew Matthews  takes a couple of steps forward in a nonaggressive manner, but that’s not what Roland sees.

Memories of Elephants

at some point
don’t you wake up
or do you
look in the
and realize





artwork by robert montgomery at robertmontgomery.org


9 muses 9 lines

9 muses 

Epic poetry – Poet laureate – as if maya Angelou read the song of myself   But As everyone together imagine-

Music – Lyric poetry – voice of angels

Healing arts – dynamic  exchange, science quantum physics

All-encompassing  species survival

Painting – Sculpture – Film and Photography

Performance Dance  theater installation

Storytelling – cave painting – chronicles of humanity

public architecture – collective space

Tragedy and Comedy actors writers giving experience meaning

muse of collaboration  directors and conductors  🙌🏼 Those who fuse the ones who lead  living energy

creativity as  not just talent or   none At all

the final

the muse of alchemy


in 9 sec



anesthetize don’t agonize

And so

It was

With great

Abandon that

She ruled

The world


where chaos unfolds

It’s hard to know why you live

III – THE end painting “OBEY”

Through lines 

Look at how the chaos comes together 

only stepping back from the drawing 

made of lines of sketches 

can you see the monster 

guiding the hand of the drawer,

The one who draws to avoid

having to use words.
Words have failed me. They are not the truth. I was not allowed to speak the truth. When I finally did, I was punished harshly. 
This is the way it is.

And this is who surrounds you.

Republican opposition derives from a philosophical resistance to being compelled to do anything that benefits others.

And yet they call themselves Christians

Followers of the man who said love one another

Who was homeless
I now know what a cultural species-wide blindspot is.

The existence of hypocrisy came before it was named which means the consciousness came first, the awareness of the ability of the human sentient being system that we describe, stupidly, as “heart and mind” (sorry, your heart pumps blood, it’s not making decisions, that would be your loins), not to mention the debate about the “soul,” which Descartes believes existed in the spleen, to lie to itself.
I am 50 years old, a woman who has been living in a repeated cycle of emotional trauma for the past 46 years. I cannot find work, after devoting my life to my career. I am adopted and have no knowledge of any birth relatives. I am alone in this world in a way few of you can imagine as the most heart-breaking event of my life is that I did not have children. No one will care when I die. That is what you realize when you were adopted and people lie to you saying it’s the same as blood, but it’s not. 

Helping others 

Wouldn’t that be nice 

There is a want, there is a need 


for that is what it is to be alive, here, in this absolute 

secondary moment 

Why ask yourself what makes my heart sing?

  • intensely meaningful 
  • core to your being 
  • essence of your identity
  • what I think about – is telling this story, whatever story I am engrossed in – and what I think about at the end of the day is how tomorrow is going to be so much better and I will miraculously right all my wrongs and balance all my spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations with not one typo kind of day it will be…
  • or not. But it will be a day when we say to our only god, death: not today. That’s my favorite simple mantra to tell whoever’s listening – again I say there is no clear definition of who’s in charge, so I’m going with Game of Thrones mythology – the warrior’s god is death and you say NOT TODAY. Little girl with her wooden sword escaping certain death – repeating, as little girls do, over and over as she runs-not today.
  • the best feeling in the world is when you can’t wait to get up in the morning 
  • the ‘right path’ is a dead end for people like me. But that’s not a bad thing. It’s just no one’s cut a road so you just go, and it’s not always noteworthy but it’s defining your process which is one piece of the puzzle when committing to some form of creative ‘career,’ as in ain’t gonna happen better keep that day job your IT background sure is gonna come in handy when no one buys your paintings…