Depression: A Trip

You stay alive because
you haven’t been excused

that leaves a lot to think about. who’s doing the excusing? if you are an atheist, because you are a science-centric devotee? And thus staying alive means using up all your ingredients, because who knows. The most dangerous people in the world are the ones with no identity, no ties, no reason to be here other than the lower-brain, the hit-man, counter-terror investigative specialist or whatever they are called in that interrogation manual I downloaded, because, you know, I excel at getting information willingly from people and I think it’s a skill I should be allowed to utilize more.

You stay alive you stupid asshole Because you haven’t been excused… –Tony Hoagland, from “Suicide Song”   Depression is a wildly confusing, exhausting trip to som…

Source: Depression is a Trip

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